a film by Renata Keller

Dear Renata

the last two evenings we have watched your film on healing plants in two parts and I simply don’t have words to express how profoundly & incredibly we were touched, inspired &  moved by Roger & the beauty with which you made this film !!! 

the depth of stillness ; every single shot ; every image ; the harmony between the plants the music & the words …., it’s Simply exquisite !!!! 

it was a healing experience in and of itself to watch your film !!! bravo !!! it’s a masterpiece !! so different and yet so much the same spiritual depth you brought out in your ode to Vimala Thakar!  

Rama M

Just watched your movie on healing plants and the homeopathic pharmacist. What a great and poetic movie. Bringing the true spirit of homeopathy and nature to a wider audience is not easy. Talking of the mystery of life is never easy, like trying to describe a psychedelic experience after the fact. But I loved it and thought he was so extraordinary in his description of the process of exploring an understanding of nature and one’s own journey at the same time. What he said about being separate from nature and the consequences of that separation is so important and  is something we are seeing right now. There is some interesting thinking on this experience of separation and compensation from a homeopathic point of view.

Richard P.

Dear Renata,

I really liked your film, and the understanding of the essence of plant healing we can learn from watching it.

In a way after viewing the film we can feel nature’s power over us and our well-being. That is incredible, and so true. We now know a bit more why that is

The images are beautiful, overwhelming and inspiring. The editing is very nice and suave, inviting us on a dance with the images, the music, and the message that is coming across with the different voiceovers and Roger’s presence on and off camera.

What I learned and most impressed me is the process Roger has undertaken all his life on listening nature, understanding the message each plant holds, and translating it into an essence that can heal our body and soul. It all makes sense if we dig down our most primitive instincts, but what is impressive is how he translates his finding into science and products that we can all benefit from.

I am always impressed when we look very close to a plant, and you did it in a very beautiful way. But to have it directly related to space, the universe, and how planets move and orbit, was impressive… and surprising, when we realize their trajectory “drew” a flower like the one we could find in our garden… that is the power of the universe! The inspiring force that makes as do beautiful things like your film. Well done my dear Friend!

Beijinhos from Lisbon, packing for Peru…

Raquel Clemente Martins


Dear Renata,

Andrea and I loved the film True Healing Arises in Freedom. You succeeded to show the subtle life of plants and to translate the indepth thinking of Roger Kalbermatten with impacting images worlds. When watching the film there was a sense of wholeness. Really fantastic.

Prof.Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald

Trustee Schweisfurth Stiftung

I watched the film True Healing Arises in Freedom. I am deeply impressed, by Roger Kalbermatten and by the way the film maker captured his knowledge, by how she chose the images and filmed and edited them. And also how she expresses her own thoughts about it. It is very spiritual without being aloof, it is philosophical and very informative. Now I understand the process of homeopathy much better. The film is also very sensual. Truly beautiful! Those who know Renata will feel her in the film. I now feel the urge to go outside immediately and get to know the plants. It is totally inspiring!

Katrin Karneth

I am writing as I have just watched a lovely film you made with Dr Roger Kalbermatten “True Healing Arises in Freedom”. It was an unexpected watch as I was in the process of registering for the upcoming screening of the Vimala Thakar film and discovered all your myriad of creative pursuits. So there I was last night watching the film in German {english subtitles} astonished and loving it. 

I have just completed a masters here in London and my paper explores the natural world in a similar Goethean fashion as Kalbermatten. I was intrigued watching your film, to say the least. It is a lovely film and I will watch it again.

Mary AA.

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